Information About Bully Homes

Bully Homes was created by Philip Van Laethem, founder of Expertasia Bully Camp. Internationally renowned for his expertise and his love for American Bullies. He owns “Expertasia Bullies Camp” Breeding center for purebred American Bullies. Born in Belgium, Philip is sharing his time between his House in Belgium and his kennel in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Out of his love for the American Bully, Philip started to shelter American Bully dogs relinquished by their owners. This can happen for a number of different circumstances such as:

  • Bereavement
  • Illness
  • Changes in domestic situation
  • Removal to a new country
  • Extended travel abroad

Very quickly our shelter’s dogs grews in number from 1 to 30. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effects on human health and on the economy. American Bullies purebred, probably bought at high prices, have at least been socialized and trained, before being abandoned by there owners, which make easier to reintegrate them in a social context. Not only stray and street dogs were abandoned but also purebred dogs.

The Covid Pandemic as well as the war of Russia against Ukraine has plunged the whole world into deep insecurity and into a new economic crisis.

If you’re looking to adopt an abandoned purebred American Bully, find out more about our adoptions process and discover what dogs we have available for adoption!